Investment Management

At Benchmark, we see the big picture. We know investments are as much about time as timing. But we also know that going alone is daunting. Achieve peace of mind with us by your side.

Expert advice

Whether it’s your pension, savings or inheritance, chances are you’ll need to make choices about where to put your money. Those choices matter. But they won’t be the same for everyone. We’ll help you make the best decision for you.  


The future is out there. Let’s go meet it. 

Your needs, our expertise

There’s a lot to choose from, but we know what we’re looking for. Most importantly, we know you. So we’ll be able to tailor an investment solution to your needs.

A sense of clarity

Onshore and offshore bonds. ISAs. If it sounds a bit daunting – don’t worry. We use plain English when we talk about what matters: what we can do for you.

Peace of mind

Whatever your priorities – sustainability, flexibility, security – you can rest easy with us. We’ll do it your way.

Face-to-face or virtual

Our secure digital client portal puts all the details at your fingertips, night and day. But we also know people need people to talk to. We’re here for you.

Annual reviews

We’ll sit down with you – remotely or in person – at least once a year to go over your progress and future plans. And we’re listening. If something isn’t working for you, let us know.

Maximum security

Your personal financial details are safe with us. We offer a level of security you’d normally only find at a FTSE 100 firm, including protecting your personal data.

Not sure if you need financial planning? Ask yourself these questions:

Is my money working for me?

One thing is certain: life’s journey has its ups and downs. But wise choices make the road less rocky. Guided investment helps you plan for uncertainty while alerting you to golden opportunities.

Do I want to make a difference?

A growing number of clients want to make sure their investments reflect their values. If you're interested in making a positive impact as well as returns, we can help with that too. (Your capital is at risk, and its value might go down as well as up.)

Do I need a better retirement plan?

Most of us have retirement dreams – travel, leisure, a house full of grandchildren, whatever it happens to be. But do you have the best plan in place to make that dream a reality? It might be worth giving your pension the once-over.

Need help answering these questions?

Our dedicated advisers are happy to help. 

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